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NABEL Co.,Ltd. is a company engaged in development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of fully automatic egg grading and packing systems and non-destructive inspectors.

Site Map

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Company About us /company/information.html
Corporate philosophy /company/philosophy.html
Message /company/message.html
Offices /company/base.html
NABEL Global Network Global expansion - overview /global/
NABEL network /global/base.html
Exhibition News /global/record/
History of NABEL /history/
News News /news/
Product TOP /product/
Egg Grading and Packing System CANOPUS /product/canopus.html
ORACION /product/oracion.html
MEX /product/mex.html
MAP /product/map.html
Manual Packer /product/nwg.html
Farm Packer /product/ffp.html
For Breeders & Hatcherie Setter-tray Packer /product/pep.html
EGG Candling Machine /product/evs.html
Detector Abnormal Egg Detector /product/abd.html
Automatic Crack Detector /product/acd.html
Automatic Dirt Detector /product/add.html
Digital Egg Tester /product/det.html
Peripheral Devices Super Labeller /product/lba.html
Egg Pack Sealing Machine /product/eos.html
Tape Sealer /product/tes.html
Tray Auto Washer /product/taw.html
Tower System /product/tws.html
Robot System C-NAEGS /product/cnaegs.html
G-NAEGS /product/gnaegs.html
Packer CEP1000 /product/cep.html
RTF400/370 /product/rtf.html
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