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NABEL Co.,Ltd. is a company engaged in development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of fully automatic egg grading and packing systems and non-destructive inspectors.

  • ・Established as subcontracting maker of control
    devices for consumer electronics production lines.

  • ・Announced first egg
    package sealer in Japan
    which utelized ultrasound
    vibration.Later gained 75%
    domestic market share.

  • ・Incorporation of Nambu
    Denki Co., Ltd.

  • ・Developed automatic egg
    grading and packing system.
    Developed control
    mechanism of transfer
    speed cancellation which
    dramatically reduced physical damage on eggs.

  • ・Announced semi-automatic candling unit which later
    contributed to quality control of egg production.
  • ・Awarded Distinctive Invention Award from Science
    and Technology Agency.

  • ・Renamed as NABEL Co., Ltd.

  • ・ Developed world’s first computer weighing system
    which enabled grading by fixed weight and volume.

  • ・Announced “NAEGS” series
    - World’s first robotic grading
    and packing system.
  • ・Acquired leading share in
    domestic market.
  • ・Announced stock-type tomato grading and
    packing system.

  • ・Announced “MAP” series - smaller scale grading
    and packing system.
  • ・Recieved Kyoto Prefecture SME Technology Award for
    “NAEGS” series.
  • ・Recieved Technology Award from Society of Agricultural
    Structures for stock-type tomato grading and packing

  • ・Relocated to Nagaokakyo.
  • ・Announced large-scale grading
    and packing system capable of processing 60,000 eggs per
    hour with applied robotics technology “NAEGS”.

  • ・Announced “ACD” series -
    World’s first automatic
    crack detection system
    which applies Fourier
  • ・Received highest award at 1998
    Asian Pacific Poultry Congress.
  • ・Received Distinctive Invention Award again since 1984
    from Science and Technology Agency for stock-type
    tomato grading and packing system.

  • ・Announced “ABD” series for non-destructive
    automatic blood detection by spectroscopic analysis.
  • ・Announced “ADD” series for automatic dirt detection
    by multi-light sourced image recognition.

  • ・Announced NARS - remote monitor system using
    public lines.
  • ・Announced “Parallel Carrier” technology which enabled
    dramatic increase in production effeciency and
    demonstrated at international poultry show.

  • ・Announced stock-type grading and packing system.
    “NAEGS-ORACION” with capacity of 60,000/120,000
    eggs per hour.

  • ・Announced upgradeable
    “G-NAEGS” with single line
    capacity up to 40,000
    eggs per hour.

  • ・Established subsidiary company in Malaysia.

  • ・Listed as one of 300 vibrant SMEs by Ministry of
    Economy, Trade and Industry.

  • ・First operation of Tower
    Stock system.
  • ・Established maintenance
    office in Kariya,
    Aichi Prefecture.

  • ・President CEO Kunio Nambu
    awarded Intellectual Property
    Achievement Award by
    Minister of Economy, Trade
    and Industry.
  • ・Announced digital egg tester “DET6000”.

  • ・Announced tape sealer “TES100/400”.
  • ・Relocated to Minami-ward, Kyoto.

  • ・President CEO Kunio Nambu received Award of
    Commissioner of Small Medium Enterprise Agency.

  • ・Certified as “Childcare
    Supporter Company” by
    Kyoto Prefecture.
  • ・Announced grading and
    packing system
    “CANOPUS”, designed to dramatically reduce physical
    impacts on eggs.

  • ・President CEO Kunio Nambu awarded Medal of Honor
    with Blue Ribbon.
  • ・Announced EGG Candling Machine“EVS400”.
  • ・Announced cell packer “CEP1000”.

  • ・Received Kyoto SME Technological
    Merit Award for ACD.
  • ・President Kunio Nambu appointed as CEO Chairman.
  • ・Vice-President Tsutomu Maruyama
    appointed as President.

  • ・Received 25th SME
    Technological Merit/New
    Product Award for EVS.
  • ・Received Award of Minister
    of Economics, Trade and Industry at 5th Japan
    Manufacture Award for Tower Stock system.
  • ・Announced grading and packing system “C-NAEGS”
    with carrier washing mechanism.
  • ・Announced farm packer of more compact type

  • ・Built additional facilities for factory expansion.
  • ・Received first prize for EVS, second for CANOPUS
    and third for DET at 58th Kyoto Prefecture Invention
    Achievement Award.
  • ・Established subsidiary company in China.

NABEL creates the future with eggs.