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NABEL Co.,Ltd. is a company engaged in development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of fully automatic egg grading and packing systems and non-destructive inspectors.

Exhibition News

《Past records》INDO LIVESTOCK 2018


Period 2018/7/4 - 2018/7/6
Place Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jakarta Convention Center

Booth No. A151

Manual Packer NWG1000

Digital Egg Tester  DET6000



On the 4th to 6th of July NABEL ASIA participated INDOLIVESTOCK 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The INDOLIVESTOCK exhibition is conducted yearly but takes place in Jakarta once every 2 years. The exhibition takes place at Jakarta Convention Center this year. There is a total of 4 exhibit halls with a mix of local and international exhibitors. On the last day of INDOLIVESTOCK 2018, President Jokowi visited the exhibition and greeted some exhibitors.

For this exhibition, NABEL ASIA has displayed the NWG1000 and DET6000. NWG1000 is a mechanical grader with manual packing which have capacity of 10,000 eggs/hour whereas DET6000 is a high-performance egg quality tester which is able to measure egg quality instantly. During this show, the NWG1000 has attracted many local farmers interest as this machine is a small and compact grader with very simple mechanics to it. With live demonstration of the DET6000, we are also able to show visitors the easiness of measuring egg quality in 4 simple steps.

With the feedback from visitors, we are able to learn that Indonesian market is adapting quickly to the concept of egg grading. Although some places in Indonesia still sell eggs by the kilogram, many farmers are now eager and keen to grade their eggs in coming future. We believe that in time, the demand for egg grading machine will increase given the current progressive state. NABEL will continue to support the Indonesian market and cultivate the importance of egg grading to local farmers.

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