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NABEL Co.,Ltd. is a company engaged in development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of fully automatic egg grading and packing systems and non-destructive inspectors.

Exhibition News

《Past records》 VIV Asia 2017

Period 2017/3/15-2017/3/17
Place Bangkok, Thailand
Venue Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre(BITEC)
Booth No. Hall 98, Booth 3270.
Exhibits Digital Egg Tester DET6000

Grading and Packing System MEX3000

・Eggsafety Transport System™


During March 15-17, NABEL participated in VIV Asia 2017 in Thailand. VIV Asia is deemed as one of the most vibrant exhibitions in the livestock industry in Asia. NABEL has exhibited at this tradeshow every two years since 2003. The highlight for this year was the MEX3000, the automatic egg grading and packing system with a processing capacity of up to 30,000 eggs per hour. In addition, featured in the exhibition were the DET6000, a high performance egg quality tester with a capability to measure egg quality instantly; the Eggsafety Transport System™, an egg transport solution; and the Illustrated Egg Handbook, the handbook which presents characteristic examples of chicken eggs in English, together with a lot of photos.

For the last 3 years, Thai poultry industry has been expanding immensely and becomes a major market for NABEL in the South East Asia region. This time, to establish a position as one of leading manufacturers in Thailand, NABEL showcased the MEX3000, which is “Easy Handling, Easy to Maintain, Hygienic and Efficient”. The MEX3000 is available in Thai language to help local farmers operate the machine easily. Moving forward, NABEL will contribute to the layer industry in South East Asia by aiding local farmer in their expansion projects as well as supplying larger-capacity machines to larger production centers.

VIV Asia 2017   VIV Asia 2017



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