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NABEL Co.,Ltd. is a company engaged in development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of fully automatic egg grading and packing systems and non-destructive inspectors.

It was in 1992 when NABEL first shipped its egg packing system outside Japan, to Malaysia.
In 2003, NABEL Asia was subsequently established in Malaysia for more active overseas business centering on Asia.
In 2014, NABEL Shanghai was established in China, where 40% of the world's eggs are produced.
We will expand globally from now on.

NABEL products at work = 64 countries

※As of December 11/2018

  • Asia

    Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Mongolia

  • Latin America

    Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala, Costa Rica

  • North America

    USA, Canada

  • Europe

    Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, Hungray, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Romania, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Malta, Croatia

  • Oceania


  • Middle East

    Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, Iran

  • Africa

    Sudan, South Africa, Swaziland, Egypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia

Since the installation of the packing system in Malaysia in 1992, NABEL has steadily expanded the product market alongside our overseas offices and agents around the world including Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Oceania.

Backed up with fine technology developed in Japan over the years, it is our mission to deliver products of high performance and quality.

  • Gentle handling

    CANOPUS is equipped with the narrow pitch carrier which NABEL developed first in the world. It can process 24,0000 eggs maximum per hour while reducing the transfer speed of eggs. Less impact on the eggs limits production loss arising from physical damage.

  • 95% crack detection rate

    Each egg is tapped 16 consecutive times and any cracks are detected by acoustic analysis.
    Equipped with this original technology, it demonstrates a high detection rate of 95%.

  • High performance accumulator

    The key component of a farm packer is the accumulator which sorts out eggs conveyed in random order. The accumulator makes the right volume adjustment with three conveyors of different speeds. With the dividers moving in a continual reciprocation, the chance of overflow is kept as little as possible.

  • 120% increase over the pervious year

    We enjoy our overseas sales growing year after year.
    120% over the previous year, the overseas sales tripled over the past seven years in terms of weight ratio agaisnt the total turnover. A further increase is expected in this promising market.